All Fall Down

There’s a ragged line of soldiers standing on the floor
Some are chipped and battered and others lean against the door
Now the blue ones they’re the good ones and the grey ones they’re the bad
And Bill he’s their captain, and he’s the only one the ever had

And they All Fall Down
The Blues are losing and the greys are ahead
They all fall down
The blues are winning and the greys are dead
They all fall down
Little man of tin
They all fall down
Billy wants to win

He’s got a big house in the country hidden behind a wall
Well pointed and secluded and Billy beat it all
He got that way from nowhere just looked after number one
You’ve got to get up early to do what Billy done

And they….

In the grand tradition young Billys empire grew
But there wasn’t time to finish all that he set out to do
Now theres a marble mausoleum down at forest lawn
And there you’ll find young billy and there’s no one left to mourn

And they…

Lock Keeper
You say, "Well-met again, Lock-keeper!
We're laden even deeper that the time before
Oriental oils and tea brought down from Singapore."
As we wait for my lock to cycle
I say, "My wife has given me a son."
"A son!" you cry, "Is that all that you've done?"

She wears bougainvilla blossoms
You pluck 'em from her hair and toss 'em in the tide
Sweep her in your arms and carry her inside
Her sighs catch on your shoulder;
Her moonlit eyes grow bold and wiser through her tears
And I say, "How could you stand to leave her for a year?"

"Then come with me" you say, "to where the Southern Cross
Rides high upon your shoulder."
"Come with me!" you cry
"Each day you tend this lock, you're one day older
While your blood runs colder."
But that anchor chain's a fetter
And with it you are tethered to the foam
And I wouldn't trade your life for one hour of home

Sure I'm stuck here on the Seaway
While you compensate for leeway through the Trades;
And you shoot the stars to see the miles you've made
And you laugh at hearts you've riven
But which of these has given us more love of life
You, your tropic maids, or me, my wife

"Then come with me" you say, "to where the Southern Cross
Rides high upon your shoulder."
"Ah come with me!" you cry
"Each day you tend this lock, you're one day older
While your blood runs colder."
But that anchor chain's a fetter
And with it you are tethered to the foam
And I wouldn't trade your life for one hour of home
Ah your anchor chain's a fetter
And with it you are tethered to the foam
And I wouldn't trade your whole life for just one hour of home

Line Two
The smoke might not fill the rooms like it once did
But there’s hot air a plenty as they scoff about the bids
And the chair upon which they sit was built by sweat and tears
A throne from which they make the choices that’ll thunder through the years
And you wish you could listen to how they made their mind
A toss-up between your house and their precious line
But don’t worry that track is going to carry your pot of gold!
You’re getting sick of their decisions, never asked just told

And if your train must come through here
Tell me when can it disappear
Tell me when can it disappear

It’ll trundle through the countryside as your grandfather walked before
Stop to drop the shiny shoes off they’re a different kind of pure
And where’s this going anyway to a future strong and bold?
No a race to blandness and competition to be controlled

The roads are getting chocker we need something else to take the stress
Why can’t we all just calm down for once enjoy the mess
They say they’re gonna stop flying from the smoke to make their cash
Don’t believe it for a second we’re heading for a crash

Of course it’s not that bad here we don’t even get the real cold
But please don’t tell me that I can’t be bought or sold
The cheque books not got a little box for the likes of me and you
We’ve achieved so much more together we can all come through

And there’s more to real change than you sitting there making a plan
We don’t have to be enemies we can all enjoy this land
So don’t meddle with the banks, the reeds don't let the tab rise
We can do it we can find something else to idolise

All The While
You make so much sense to me
Give a reason for me to be
All the while

I watch the rain drop on your skin
I’m happy just taking you in
All the while

Don’t wait up for me
Don’t wait by the phone
Close your eyes

I always see something new
In a short gaze into you
All the while

The stars need not align
We don’t need stuff like that this time
All the while

In the hunt for the best of the pack
When I struggle you take the flack
All the while

In the garden the flowers bloom
In my head lift the gloom
All the While

There’s never been need for head over heels
Just an easy carefree deal
All the while

Seven Hills
I’m sat here watching shadows form at the bottom of the tree
And the fruit upon the ground it is riper than you see
And the book that’s in my lap the words have stopped jumping out
A moment for contemplation, to let in all the doubt

Like the man who sends the signals to the moon and calls them back
And the carrots in the soil though mine are red and his are black
Not a real living difference between his life and mine
Just peculiarities of geography of weather and of time

And I can think of home the seven hills but they’re obstructions to my view
And one day I’ll be back there but isn’t it better if we flew?
If there’s a real rush to get back can those things not come to me?
What difference can we make if we follow only what we see?

Of the bricks and mortar that stand there, what is really mine?
A solid construction in the ground or a figment of my mind?
And what’s the real reason for us to solidify our place?
Selfishness or duty or an honest sense of place?

But things are getting clearer now though in colour not white or black
Open the page draw a line or a circle on your map
It’ll give you somewhere for you to go for you to spend a while
A mental space a contented place for you to reconcile

Why don’t you all rise to action
Never let this ruling faction
In our communities spread distraction
Scatter all their bands

Freedoms banner can be o’er us
Freedoms cause can be victorious
Freedoms triumph shall be glorious
Fought for by our hands

Shoulder press to shoulder now
Onwards march don’t you bow
Or an open path we’ll never see
Don’t shirk now from victory

Honest principles inspire us
The protection of the gentry fires us
The right in unity cannot tire us
’til the work is done

Everyone should be straining
Foot by foot vantage gaining
’til a real cause is reigning
And the fight is won

Honest government shall rule us
One that leads but does not school us
The snakes’ tricks will no longer fool us
We’ve a better way

Equal right shall all be sharing
Equal burdens all be bearing
Each for all for all each caring
We’ve a better way

Nine is no time to change all you know
All the people the lives the times
Third in line of those still fighting now
Like Belluno mountains you climbed

You were gallant and calm through the Somme and the Fen
Bold and sure to defend
Not white enough for their medal of bronze
Now your soul lives on

They say you’ll never lose a game
So Walter leave that dive
Come up here to the smoke and live
Our new hero born our kid

In the western backwater they did jibe
Taunts that soon took their toll
You’d raised as high as they were willing to know
Forced to move on and go

When the demons of Europe rose
You and your twenty six did rise
Through France through Spain and back again
From shield to battlefield

But once more for your guise was poor
Skill and bravery ignored again
And to you they gave pithy thanks
Obligations ignored or feigned


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