Review of The Call

Bright Young Folk - 16th July 2014

Another terrific folk duo; another terrific second album; another set of youngsters set to carry the flame. We are becoming spoiled with the likes of Blair Dunlop, Luke Jackson who have set the standard and raised the bar and now it’s the turn of Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar. Already celebrating th…[READ MORE]

Review of The Call

The Telegraph - 14th July 2014

It is not always easy to translate the zest of a live performance into studio work but there is a genuine exuberance to the playing of Ciaran Algar (fiddle) and Greg Russell (acoustic guitar) that lights up The Call. Even on an initial first listen to instrumentals The Silent Jigs or George's, you c…[READ MORE]

Review of The Call

Fatae - 12th July 2014

In 2011 multi-instrumentalist Greg Russell (Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, English Concertina) and Ciaran Algar (Fiddle, Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals) formed a duo. Northwich Folk Club saw the pair's first live performance and since then they haven't looked back. The young duo have risen on a constant stream…[READ MORE]

Review of The Call

Living Tradition - 10th July 2014

Visiting the house of a friend of mine some 20 months ago, I asked him what was the name of the album he had playing away in the background. I found it totally arresting. And when he told me that it was The Queen's Lover, the debut album of a duo where the guitarist/vocalist was 19 and the outstand…[READ MORE]

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Chester Standard - 21st February 2014


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