Review of The Queen's Lover

Acoustic Magazine - Paul Strange - 12th October 2012

…a mature, confident and assured debut album, far beyond their years.There’s an admirable honesty and sincerity as they tackle old songs, trad pieces, instrumentals and self-penned compositions. Russell’s clear and natural vocal – underpinned by his sublime acoustic guitar work- is a key par…[READ MORE]

Live Review - Bradford

Topic Folk Club - 11th October 2012

Such talent in ones so young is endearing anyway, but these two shine in every department. Apart from their obvious virtuosity in their playing and singing, they show astonishing maturity in their easy stage presence and rapport with their audience, yet still have the charm of youth: all this withou…[READ MORE]

Live Review

Wrexham Folk Club - 11th October 2012

Just surfacing from the euphoria of Thursday night at the club and what a night it was!!! At just 19 and 16 respectively Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar were one of the best duos we have ever seen at the club and seem destined for a great future together. Of course it is early days but, unless my judg…[READ MORE]

Review of The Queen's Lover

Bright Young Folk - Rosamund Woodroffe - 10th October 2012

The Queen’s Lover really is a triumph. I can imagine the frequent reference to their youth probably annoys Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar but this album is a testament to the fact that youth can easily outshine the most experienced. It is a fantastic debut, marking Russell and Algar as ones to watc…[READ MORE]

Review of The Queen's Lover

Fatae Records - David Kidman - 10th October 2012

[Ciaran’s] playing style might best be described as dextrous; it’s unusually responsive for someone of his tender years, and it turns out a pretty ideal match for Greg’s own equally dextrous guitar stylings. Inevitably, on occasion, the lads’ playing gives a sense of there being still a fair…[READ MORE]

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