Review of The Queen's Lover

Fatae Records - David Kidman - 10th October 2012

[Ciaran’s] playing style might best be described as dextrous; it’s unusually responsive for someone of his tender years, and it turns out a pretty ideal match for Greg’s own equally dextrous guitar stylings. Inevitably, on occasion, the lads’ playing gives a sense of there being still a fair amount being held in reserve, and yet the listener doesn’t feel shortchanged in expressive impact. The latter point is also a feature of Greg’s singing – confident, heartfelt and emotionally convincing. Another distinct plus is that Greg displays a mature repertoire choice … Greg’s not afraid to adapt lyrics sometimes, in order to reflect his own experiences for instance – which he does with flair (and permission!) in the case of Bernie Parry’s classic portrait of Davy. And there’s more than enough intelligence in Greg’s fresh reassessment of songs like the American standard New Railroad to indicate the amount of potential still to be tapped…. what we have here is a nicely lengthy … disc that gives a reliable flavour of the appeal of this duo and a good indication both of their talent and their considerable promise.

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